Tips When Your Driver’s License is Suspended


People convicted of driving under the influence, is on the more common reasons why the court would suspend the driver’s license of an individual. A period between 180 days to one suspension of driver’s license under a state law, is given to a person if he or she is caught driving under the influence or DUI. When this happens, a driver can do several actions.

Some drivers with suspended licenses would opt to ignore the restrictions and still drive. If a driver is labelled as a “habitual traffic offender”, the law has several punishments that it would be a mistake not to adhere to it. Your future academic, employment and other choices in your life will significantly be affected with this charge.

Aside from the above suspension, not complying with some court-ordered programs could lead to other punishment. There is a session for alcohol treatment program that a driver has to attend, and missing this session can lead from a temporary suspension to suspension until the driver has completed the program at

Some drivers would seek for an early reinstatement of their driver licenses depending on their records. You can get a DUI attorney and this professional can help you explore in petitioning for reinstatement. A hardship reinstatement could be granted to first time offenders soon after the suspension is granted. However, you should complete all court-ordered programs as a requisite for reinstatement.

Know that if you are a repeat offender, your options for your license would be few, and if you are convicted for the third time, you will have to wait for two years before you are eligible for reinstatement. Know more about driver’s license suspension in

Some states would not include some types of low-powered motorized vehicles like mopeds and motorcycles from the requirements of licenses, and this means those drivers with suspended licenses can drive these kinds of vehicles on public roads.

There a several reasons that your driver’s license will be suspended, and these are impaired driving or refusal to give a breath sample, dangerous driving like stunt driving with 50 km per hour over limit, exceeding 15 demerits points on a license, failure to pay parking and speed tickets, and other fines.

A driver with a suspended driver’s license would be prohibited in a country to operate  any motorized vehicle that has gas or electrically powered engines for that matter, whether driven on public or private roads, and these vehicles are cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, tractors, taxis, trailers, snowmobiles, aircrafts, or even heavy equipment machineries.

Know that this suspension in driving is not just considered a motor vehicle infraction, but it is a crime that will give you a criminal record. Visit website to read more.


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